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Section Ⅰ Use of English


  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1. (10 points)

  Driving through snowstorm on icy roads for long distances is a most nerve-racking experience. It is a paradox that the snow, coming __1__ gently, blowing gleefully in a high wind, all the while __2__ down a treacherous carpet, freezes the windows,__3__ the view. The might of automated man is__4__ . The horses, the powerful electrical systems, the deep-tread tires, all go __5__ nothing. One minute the road feels __6__, and the next the driver is sliding over it, light as a__7__, in a panic, wondering what the heavy trailer trucks coming up__8__the rear are going to do. The trucks are like __9__ when you have to pass them, not at sixty or seventy __10__ you do when the road is dry, but at twenty-five and thirty. __11__ their engines sound unnaturally loud. Snow, slush and__12__ of ice spray from beneath the wheels, obscure the windshield, and rattle __13__your car. Beneath the wheels there is plenty of __14__ for you to slide and get mashed to a pulp. Inch __15__ inch you move up, past the rear wheels, the center wheels, the cab, the front wheels, all__16__too slowly by. Straight ahead you continue,__17__ to cut over sharply would send you into a slip,__18__in front of the vehicle. At last, there is__19__enough, and you creep back over, in front of the truck now, but__20__the sound of its engine still thundering in your ears.

  1. [A] up [B] off [C] down [D] on

  2. [A] lies [B] lays [C] settles [D] sends

  3. [A] blocks [B] strikes [C] puffs [D] cancels

  4. [A] muted [B] discovered [C] doubled [D] undervalued

  5. [A] for [B] with [C] into [D] from

  6. [A] comfortable [B] weak [C] risky [D] firm

  7. [A] loaf [B] feather [C] leaf [D] fog

  8. [A] beneath [B] from [C] under [D] beyond

  9. [A] dwarfs [B] giants [C] patients [D] princesses

  10. [A] what [B] since [C] as [D] that

  11. [A] So [B] But [C] Or [D] Then

  12. [A] flakes [B] flocks [C] chips [D] cakes

  13. [A] onto [B] against [C] off [D] along

  14. [A] snow [B] earth [C] room [D] ice

  15. [A] by [B] after [C] for [D] with

  16. [A] climbing [B] crawling [C] winding [D] sliding

  17. [A] meanwhile [B] unless [C] whereas [D] for

  18. [A] sheer [B] mostly [C] rarely [D] right

  19. [A] might [B] distance [C] air [D] power

  20. [A] with [B] like [C] inside [D] upon


  1.C 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.C

  11.D 12.C 13.C 14.C 15.A 16.D 17.D 18.D 19.B 20.A

总体分析   本文描述了在冰雪覆盖的路面上开车的经历。文章首句为主题句,概括了这种经历的特点是"令人非常紧张"。第二至四句分别介绍了下雪带来的隐患和机器变得没有多大用处。从第五句到文章最后则描述了在这种不利条件下和大卡车一同行驶的紧张经历。


  1.[精解] 本题考查短语动词辨析。空格处填入的副词与动词come搭配,其分词形式作后置定语,修饰限定主语the snow。come down指"(雨、雪等)落下,降落",如:The rain came down in torrents.(大雨滂沱。)因此[C]符合文意,在文中指"大雪飘落"。

  come down也可意为"崩塌;(飞机)着陆;(价格、温度、比例)下降;下垂,向下延伸",如:The ceiling came down.(天花板塌了下来。)Gas is coming down in price.(煤气价格在下降。)come up意为"破土而出;升起;即将发生",如:The daffodils are just beginning to come up.(水仙花刚开始破土发芽。)watch the sun come up(观看日出)。Her birthday is coming up.(她的生日即将来临。)come off意为"能被去掉或除去;发生;(计划等)成功",如:That mark won't come off.(那污点去不掉。)Did the trip to Korea come off?(去韩国的事最后成了吗?)come on意为"改进,发展;开始",如:The project is coming on fine.(这项工程进展顺利。)I think there's rain coming on.(我看要下雨了。)

  2.[精解] 本题考查短语动词辨析。空格处填入的动词与down搭配,相当于及物动词,其主语是the snow,宾语是a treacherous carpet。lie down意为"躺下";lay down意为"放下;记下;拟定",如:lay down the arms/the rules(放下武器/制定规则);settle down意为"安下心来,定居";send down只能接sb.作宾语,意为"判某人入狱",如:He was sent down for ten years for armed robbery.(他因持械抢劫被判入狱十年。)因此[B]符合文意,意为"(大雪)吹落(一块毯子)"。

  3.[精解] 本题考查动词辨析。空格处填入的动词接the view作宾语,而且它与前面的2 down和freezes并列作谓语,其主语都是the snow。作及物动词时,block意为"堵塞,阻塞",如:to block the road(堵住了道路)。strike意为"撞击,打击,侵袭",如:The ship struck a rock.(船触礁了。)The area was struck by an outbreak of plague.(这个地区爆发了瘟疫。)puff意为"吸,抽,喷",如:to puff the cigar/smoke into sb.'s faces(抽雪茄/把烟往别人脸上喷)。cancel意为"取消"。能够和the view搭配的只有[A]block,表示"挡住视线"。

  4.[精解] 本题考查动词辨析。空格处填入的过去分词与is构成被动式的谓语,因此其动词的实际的宾语是the might(强大力量,威力)。mute意为"消除或减弱声音;减弱,缓解",如:mute the traffic noise/the criticism(减弱了车辆的噪音/委婉地提出批评)。discover意为"发现,发觉";double意为"加倍";undervalue意为"低估...之价值,看轻"。因此[A]符合文意,它与the might搭配,表示"威力减弱"。

  5.[精解] 本题考查固定短语。go for nothing相当于be in vain,意为"白费,毫无用处,毫无价值"。因此[A]正确,其他介词都不能与go和nothing构成搭配。

  6.[精解] 本题考查形容词辨析。feel是系动词,意为"摸起来,感觉起来",它常与形容词构成系表结构,如:The water feels warm.(这水摸起来很暖和。)本题中feel的主语是the road, 因此空格处的形容词应说明"道路"的特点。四个选项都可以修饰事物,comfortable一般指"(衣服、家具等)使人舒服的",如:The bed/these shoes are very comfortable.(这床/这双鞋子很舒服。)weak意为"不牢固的,易损坏的",如:The bridge is too weak to carry heavy traffic.(那座桥梁不太牢固,承受不住过多的车辆。)weak也可指"微弱的,隐约的",强调不容易被看到或听到,如:a weak light/sound(微弱的光线/声音)。risky意为"有危险或风险的",如:a risky investment(有风险的投资)。firm意为"坚固的,结实的,稳固的",如:No building can stand without firm foundations.(没有稳固的基础,建筑就不牢靠。)根据上下文,空格处的形容词应与下文"容易滑倒"相对照,因此[D]正确,强调道路"结实"。

  7.[精解] 本题考查英语语言习惯。英语和汉语中都有大量的比喻形式。有些比喻的喻体大不相同,如:spend money like water(挥金如土);有些则很相似,如:as firm as a rock(坚如磐石),as light as a feather(轻如鸿毛)。因此本题应选[B],文中用这个比喻形容"车子打滑时驾驶者失重的感受"。loaf意为"一条(面包)";leaf意为"树叶";fog意为"雾"。

  8.[精解] 本题考查介词辨析。空格所在部分wondering... 是个分词结构,在句中作状语,wondering的逻辑主语是the driver,逻辑宾语是what引导的宾语从句。该从句中,coming up... the rear也是一个分词短语,作从句主语trucks的后置定语。空格处填入介词,其宾语是the rear(后面、后边、后部),根据文意,表示"从后面"应选[C]from。beneath和under都表示"在......之下",beyond表示"在(或向)较远的一边",不符合逻辑。

  9.[精解] 本题考查根据上下文选择恰当的词。空格所在部分是一个比喻,说明卡车像什么。下文出现了两个when引导的状语从句的比较:路面干燥时的行驶速度为60或70,而此时的行驶速度为25和30。可见,文章在说明由于路面滑造成了行驶速度下降。根据逻辑推理,行驶缓慢时从大卡车旁开过花费的时间当然较长,因此它们看起来更像giants"巨人",而不是dwarfs"矮子",patients"病人"或princesses"公主"。因此[B]正确。

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